Community Involvement

The team at Adobe Dentistry loves living in Tucson and values the special community that exists here. Couple that love with a strong belief in civic involvement and volunteerism and you will find a dental practice committed to doing good things for Tucson! For a sampling of our involvement in the past as well as list of activities in the coming months, please read on!


Adobe Dentistry contributes time and materials (including dentures) for Tucson's Hope Fest.

Adobe Denstistry is pleased to have contributed over 200 toothbrush kits for the victims of the Monument Fire in southeastern Arizona as well as another 200 tubes of toothpaste to the refugee immigrant children in Nogales.

Adobe Dentistry has participated in the Kiwanis De Amigos Rattlesnake Run and the Kiwanis De Amigos Middle School Relays from 2007-present. For more information click HERE.

Adobe Denistry has also been a proud sponsor of the Wingspan Classic Charity Golf Tournament since 2010. For more information click HERE.

Adobe Dentistry sponsored the 2012 LGBT Film Festival, "Out in the Desert," held in Tucson. For more information click HERE.

Adobe Dentistry was a sponsor of the Ethnic Extravaganza held on Friday, October 11, 2010. It was attended by over 200 people and was a celebration of ethnic diversity in our community. The event was organized by the Diversity Club at St. Gregory College Preparatory School. For more information, click HERE.