Crown and Bridge

Crowns and bridges can transform a smile, especially when the patient needs to have previous work redone.

The patient in these pictures came to Adobe Dentistry with a failing bridge. We combined our services with the periodontist to reconstruct her gums, replace her bridge, and transform her smile.

Better Bridge


Crowns, unlike bridges, cover single (rather than multiple) teeth. There are two options for crowns when fillings are failing or are not appropriate treatment. The two options are gold and porcelain. Read further to learn about these options.

Gold crowns

When esthetics are not an issue, gold crowns are, well, the gold standard. Gold is an exceptional material for restoring back teeth due to its inherent qualities. It is extremely durable especially when subjected to the stresses and strains of chewing. The needed thickness to achieve this durability is relatively low, meaning less tooth structure is removed in preparing teeth for gold crowns. The soft, pliable nature of gold allows for a very precise fit and is very gentle to the opposing teeth resulting in a very long lasting choice of restoration. The most highly respected dentists in the country still recommend gold for back teeth, but porcelin crowns are increasingly being used for other teeth.

Gold Crown






Better Bridge








Porcelain crowns

New materials have enabled dentists to virtually eliminate the dreaded gray or silver line commonly seen with older porcelain crowns. These newer materials are also responsible for the increased life-like qualities that we are achieving with today’s porcelain crowns. A unique advantage that we enjoy at Adobe Dentistry is a very close relationship with our ceramist. Literally, he is two doors down. Every esthetic crown is custom-shaded to achieve the closest possible color, shape, and personal characteristics needed to make your smile absolutely beautiful.

Cosmetic Crown