Before Dentures Patient After Dentures  
Above is an Adobe patient before her new dentures... and here she is with her new dentures. Talk about a beautiful smile!  
When a person does not feel confident about their smile, their whole life can be affected. Unfortunately,

many people believe that once they have dentures, the possibilities for a beautiful smile, a smile about which they can feel confident, are gone.

That is not the case at all! With the right caring team of professionals working on your dentures, you can have a beautiful smile that makes you feel confident and assured. That team is everyone from the assistant who takes the initial impression, to the lab professional who constructs the dentures, to the front desk person who schedules you quickly and easily, to the dentist who makes sure the dentures look and fit perfectly. You will find that team at Adobe Dentistry. The process of transitioning into dentures doesn't have to be can be empowering. Find out more by calling Adobe Dentistry today.