Dental Implants in Tucson, AZ

Dental implants in Tucson, AZ
An illustration showing dental implants in Tucson, AZ

If you are missing teeth, you might want to consider dental implants as a way to replace your lost teeth comfortably and affordably.

A Better Procedure

This new technology is an improvement over previous alternative treatments, like bridges or partial dentures. This is because, unlike past treatments, our dental implants:

  • have less stringent requirements for patients
  • have no limits on the amount of replaceable teeth
  • pose no threat to the remaining teeth around them
  • last much longer than alternatives
  • are comfortable and feel like natural teeth
  • are esthetically advanced, giving you a more natural look

Their increased longevity and other major benefits make our dental implants the economical choice for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Let us restore your smile today!

Expect Expert Care With Your Dental Implants

Dr. Stolcis, who has practiced dentistry in Tucson for over a decade, started her implant training while still in dental school, and it has been the focus of her continuing education ever since. With her expertise in dental implants, you have a great opportunity to restore your smile with the latest technology. Our office is filled with friendly staff who works hard for your comfort and satisfaction. Not only is this procedure a great development in modern dentistry, but high quality care and implementation is only a phone call away!

Get Your Dental Implants Today

Call Adobe Dentistry today to schedule your consultation for dental implants in Tucson AZ! We accept a variety of insurance plans and offer Capital One financing for your convenience. We look forward to restoring your smile, using our state-of-the-art technology and the most current procedures available!